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84: The Importance of Design, Functionality& Vision Collaboration with Callan Childs and Amanda Loper

March 4, 2021

Callan Childs, Director of Design and Development for Sloss Real Estate and Amanda Loper, Principal at David Baker Architects, join ACRE Data Analytics Coordinator Stuart Norton to share how they partnered together to create a unique space with intentional design at Pepper Place in Birmingham.

As urban placemakers, they create unique spaces to draw people back to Birmingham’s urban core. Working together, their synergy has been instrumental in the design and connectivity of Birmingham’s creative Pepper Place district. Their latest project was bringing James Beard award-winning ice cream maker, Jeni Britton Bauer, to Birmingham with her first-ever Alabama-based store and the first ground up building in Pepper Place in over 10 years. Childs and Loper talk through the space evolution, decision making process and lessons learned.

The focal point of Birmingham’s Lakeview Design District, Pepper Place is among Birmingham’s 24 commercial revitalization districts that are subject to design review protection. This highly visible renovation project has been celebrated in numerous newspaper and magazine articles and a CNN television feature.


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